Plagiarism Made Practical – Poems To Claim You Wrote

Plagiarism Made Practical

Poetry for all ages

Poetry is a method of saying something in a way that no one else has ever said it.Appreciating poetry means saying to yourself, “I never thought of it that way!” or “Gee, I wish I said that!”Now you can say something in a way no one else has ever said it and make other people believe that you originated the thought.For the first time, the “Practical Plagiarist” can now not only claim authorship of a poem but can also explain its content and meaning the way only the author of the poem could.Now you can impress your romantic partner, your teachers, your friends, and even some of your enemies with your ability to create poetry.And, you are now able to dazzle them with an in-depth explanation of how and why you wrote the poem.Special Note

The best way to get anything out of a poem is to see and feel what the poet put in to the poem.

To accomplish that, read ​a poem you like out loud to yourself several times to get the real feel for the rhythm and emotion in the poem.

Indeed, you may mail or e-mail the poem or poems you plan to plagiarize. But, by reading it out loud to that person or group allows your audience to receive a deeper impact and reaction.Enjoy.

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