Impress your romantic partner, family, friends, and, hey! even some of your enemies!

Modern poetry

​Poems You Will Love

Let them marvel at your intelligence, creativity, and wit.

Recite or send a clever poem from the book and claim you wrote it.

If they doubt you or question you on it, modestly reveal the meaning, inspiration, and circumstances of the poem in a way only the author could.

That’s because the explanations of the poems immediately follow the poem.

You look or sound brilliant!​

Download to your mobile device and enj0y anywhere.

​And, you don’t need to buy anything unless you prove to yourself that you can pull this off!

This helpful guide to plagiarism is available to you in three versions.

1.   Complete Version

2.   7 Individual Volumes

3.   Sample Volume

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​Check out the topics included in the Complete Version that are available as single volumes.

​Click the volume for a description of its content.

​The Sample Volume contains one poem and its explanation from each of the seven volumes.

Order your copy of the complete version of Plagiarism Made Practical – Poems To Claim You Wrote for only $1.99

Individual volumes are $.95 each.

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